Shandong Helloo Trailer Co.,Ltd
Launched in 2005, we are the leading manufacturing factory for semi-trailer and truck trailer. We are the top brand of Chinese trailer exporting. We serve trucks trailer and truck trailer parts around the world.

Our Mission 
China Semi-trailer and Truck trailer, Global services
We do the best to offer buyers the best semi trailer and trailer parts quickly and efficiently.

One-Stop Shop
Shandong Helloo Trailer Co.,Ltd brings you hundreds of millions of Truck Trailer in over 22 different major categories, including Container Trailer, Low Bed Trailer, Cargo Trailer ,Fuel Tank Trailer, Bulk Cement Tank Trailer, etc.

Technical Support, Repair Consulting
As a One-stop Shop, we can supply truck trailer and trailer parts, and Technical Support, as Maintenance Video, Maintenance Manual, Spare Parts Catalogue and Parts Diagrams and so on.